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About Bee Shopping Master - Best Price - Save Money

What can we do for you?

A penny saved is a pony earned!

You will receive best deal and best price when shopping online, even you needn't do anything.Bee Shopping Master helps you to save money when shopping.

1 Receive best deal automatically.

When you are browsing products on shopping sites, automatically find the the cheaper price for the same products by product ID from other shopping sites. The products matching rate is higher than 95%.

Such shopping sites supported: Amazon.com or other Amazon sites (Amazon United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, India, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Australia), walmart.com, target.com, bestbuy.com, argos.co.uk.

More than 80% products you are viewing have cheaper price, better deal, even half price or 90% off .

If nothing cheaper price been found, this extension will keep silent, do not disturb you.

2 Save your shopping visit history.

3 Quick access popular shopping sites.

4 Search multiple shopping sites.

In popup page, we provide multiple sites search feature. You can search multiple shopping sites by just once input. 58 counties are supported include China(taobao, jd), Japan(Rekuten, kakaku), UK(gumtree) and so on.


1 Lower price finder.

2 Discount finder for Amazon.

3 Price filter for Amazon.

4 Quick access popular shopping sites.

Just click the extension icon on the top right corner of browser please.